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2014 Submissions

The Future Techno Song
That's "B" for Bass House Song
Ratio Existendi Techno Song
Voodoo Ritual Techno Song
CyberTech Trance Song
The Objective House Song
Glass of Acid Techno Song
Glass of Acid (sample) Techno Loop
Elusive Minds Trance Song
Digital Metaverse Trance Song
Heavenly Dream Techno Song
Break and Shatter House Song
Burn House Song
Club Crusher House Song

2012 Submissions

Sound of Blue House Song
Give me Power! (hardcore) Techno Loop
Despair Dance Techno Song
Doom Dance Techno Song
Can of Happiness Techno Song
Digi-Cybernetic Trance Song
Technocratic Techno Song
The Digitizer Techno Song
Elusive Minds (preview) Trance Song
Party in the City Trance Song
Electronic Alleys Techno Song
Urban Curves (final mix) Trance Song
Urban Curves (remake) Trance Song
Urban Curves Trance Song
Lucid Rhythms Trance Song
The Ioniser Video Game Song